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Laboratory Supervisor: M.Sc. Dimitrios Lamboudis , Application Professor

Email: dlamboudis@teilar.gr


Chair design by a student using design software


The Lab of Furniture Design purposes to train and educate students with knowledge on modern design programs, especially relating to furniture design.

Designing via CAD based software today is a necessary tool for the creative expression of the furniture designer as well as for the success and diffusion of his/her work. The work performed in the Lab is essential for the student, because of the usage of state-of-the-art methods applied, since by this and through the expertise obtained can play a significant linking role between creative design and final furniture construction.

The Lab is equipped with the following devices and materials:fully equipped PCs, five (5) user llicences for design software (concessioned by the software companies), 1 plotter, 2 scanners, 2 printers and 1 ceiling projector.

The CAD Lab of the Department with 20 workstations




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