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Lab Supervisor: Dr. George Dalos, Assistant Professor

Email: gntalos@teilar.gr


Quality control test to a variety of wood products and furnitures at the quality control lab

The Quality Control Lab aims at educating and training students in the sector of quality control of wood and furniture materials and products. All tests are based on the corresponding specifications of quality control. The examination of the physical and mechanical properties of the raw materials will help students to evaluate and use them in the right way for internal and external applications. The knowledge on the properties constitutes the basic condition so that this will help students comprehend the advantages or disadvantages so they can obtain technical expertise in structural design efficiency. Simultaneously the quality control of end products will help in the localisation of problems that can be presented on the materials in use. The Lab is equipped with furniture quality control systems which can check and simulate tension and stress under real conditions. The whole process leads to manufacturing furniture with high safety and functionality for the end users.

The laboratory,besides it's educational work, developed and develops inquiring with enterprises of private sector of timber and furniture and other institutions in collaboration with the Committee of Education and Researches of TEI Larissa or with the Centre of Technological Research in Thessaly.

The Laboratory is equipped with the following appliances, measurement devices, and materials:
Electronic precision balances, Oven chamber, Kiln chamber, Thickness meters, Hydro bath with temperature meter, Air conditioning chamber, Appliances for determination of wood moisture content (digital - UV), Quality control machine for raw materials (connected with PC), PCs along with printers, scanners, Quality control machine for furniture, Chemical laboratory equipped with all essential materials, appliances and apparatus for property determination of wood and wood composite products, Electronic appliance for the determination of formaldehyde in the
atmosphere, Electronic appliance for the determination of dust in atmosphere, Spectrophotometer, Perforator apparatus for the determination of contained formaldehyde in wood composite products, Extraction apparatus and rotary evaporator, Appliances for measuring noise, Apparatus for determining and analysing granulated wood, Viscosity meter




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