Laboratory >Production Technology for Wood Construction

LabSupervisor: Dr. John Kakaras, Professor

Email: kakaras@teilar.gr


Models created by students for the laboratory course of "Production Technology for Wood Construction"


The Lab of Production Technology for Wood Constructions has as primary scope the acquisition of dexterities and knowledge on subjects of homes with wooden skeletons, roofs of wooden frames, floors from timber and products of timber, wooden manufactures of countryside, and applications of timber in agriculture, livestock-farming and in shipbuilding.

In this lab, maintenance techniques for these wood constructions are taught, including techniques for maintanance, repair, and restoration of old furniture and other wood constructions.

The Lab of Production Technology for Wood Constructions is equipped with:Ribbon saw, Planers, Thickness planer, Spindle moulder, Drilling machines, Air nail gun, Bench saw,Router andPress machine



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