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Laboratory Supervisor: Thanasis Babalis, ΜΑ(RCA), Furniture and Product Designer



Industrial design is the professional service of creating and developing concepts and specifications that optimize the function, value and appearance of products and systems for the mutual benefit of both user and manufacturer. (from the IDSA - www.idsa.org)


The Industrial Design Lab aims to train students to identify and resolve design problems and offer solutions that are creative, innovative and sensitive to social and enviromental issues.
This objective is achieved mainly via projects and lectures where the students design products, resolving real design issues such as product usability, aesthetics, materials economy and production methods.

At the end of every semester/project, the students create a project folder that includes:

a. market research and user analysis concerning the specific product or product category
b. comments and sketches of relevant problems and solusions of similar products.
c. the generation of new ideas-solutions in the form of sketches and 3-D models
d. the selection of the best idea-solution and the appropriate production methods
e. technical drawings and 3D representations of the product in CAD
f.and a final scale or 1:1 model (whichever is appropriate)

The completed project folders are very important for the students' prospective professional or academic career.
The Industrial Design Lab is equipped with many PC and Mac workstations that use appropriate software, like Autocad, Cobalt, TopSolid etc. for the 3D modeling of the student's ideas. There is also a Z Corp Z450 3D model printer, a 3D scanner, a plotter and, of course, all necessary tools and materials for the creation of a traditional product model. The laboratory collaborates very well with the other Laboratories of the Department so that students have the best results on their projects.



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