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Laboratory Supervisor: Dr. Sotirios Karastergiou, Assistant Professor

Email: karaso@teilar.gr

Partial view of the lab with machinery equipment

Student using band saw...

The Lab of Wood Mechanical Processing has the aim to train, educate and transfer knowledge on the wood mechanical processing.

Specifically, students will acquire a complete knowledge relating to: (a) the safe and proper way of handling simple and combined equipment, (b) the ability to choose the suitable machine for the desirable processing, (c) the suitable means for wood processing (saws, blades, drilling bits, abrasive means, cutter heads, planer knives, etc.) in respect to the desirable objective and raw material characteristics, and (d) undertake essential safety precautions in several working areas.

The Lab is equipped with the following machinery and tools:Band saws, Drilling machine, Planers, Sanders, Panel saws, Lathe, Spindle moulder, Edge banding, Radial saw, Hot press, Bench saw, 5 work-combining machine, Compressors, Chain mortising machine, Bit mortising machines, Router, Thickness planer, Complete order of hand tools (drill, impactive, screwdrivers, drilling bits,
sanding machines, hand belt sanding machines, complete range of hand saws, nail air pistols, hand router, gauges for precise drilling (corner joints, dowels),  Sharpening tools.



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