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Lab Supervisor:ς: Dr. George Mantanis ∙ Professor TEI Larissas
Email: mantanis@teilar.gr

URL: http://users.teilar.gr/~mantanis/en.htm 

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Μερική άποψη της αίθουσας «Δομής & Ιδιοτήτων του ξύλου» 



Μερική άποψη της αίθουσας «Δομής & Ιδιοτήτων του ξύλου»


Μικροσκοπική εγκάρσια τομή
Microtome section of a Quercus ilex sample

Εφαπτομενική σχεδίαση ξύλου
Tangential view of a Juniperus species

Partial view of the Wood technology Lab


The Wood Technology Lab aims at educating and transmitting knowledge to the students from the areas of wood structure and physical, chemical and mechanical properties and also in wood cutting, drying and saturation . To understand wood structure and know the physical and mechanical properties of it is critical and fundamental not only for comprehending the advantages and disadvantages of wood as a raw material, but also for knowing and extending its uses in several applications in practice.

ιThrough the courses Wood Technology I and II students will learn the mechanical properties of wood and wood composite products. This knowledge will help them for better treatment as well as for proper application in manufacturing products. This necessity is considered imperative because wood products like OSB, LSL, LVL, PSL today have replaced solid wood in several cases.


s      s
Partial view of the laboratory equipment class

The Laboratory is equipped with the following appliances and materials:Microscopes, stereoscopes, magnifying lenses, Electronic precision balances, Kiln and oven chamber, Thickness meters, Large collection of samples from new wood products and encompassments (melamine papers, veneers, etc.), Laboratory equipped with optical display screen (projector) PC, optical presentations in data from new products and their production technology, Pilot unit for the production of wood composite products

αντικολλητα   μοριόπλακες   νιανγον
Particleboard samples
 African Padauk veneer

Faculty Members :   Dr. Ioannis Κakaras, Professor ∙ email: kakaras@teilar.gr   
                                Dr. Michalis Skarvelis, Assistant Professor ∙ email: skarvelis@teilar.gr    


Courses belonging to the Wood Technology Lab:

  • Wood structure     
  • Wood properties
  • Wood technology Ι. Solid wood products  
  • Wood technology ΙΙ. Glued products

Συλλογή σπάνιων τροπικών ειδών ξύλου     Μικροσκόπιο και μικροτόμος του εργαστηρίου
            View of tropical wood species                             Simple microscope and lab microtome device



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