SIMA Mission of the Department


The mission of our Wood and Furniture Desing and Technology Department (Greece) is the following:

according to
a)  33/19.9.2006 G.A.'s decision and
b) 85/12.10.2006 Council's decision
c) 1690/2.12.2005/B G.P. – Φ500/127865/Ε5 MER)

  • to disseminate and diffuse the knowledge in the scientific areas of wood technology, furniture manufacture technology and furniture design,
  • to provide students with the necessary education and training so as to become successful professionals and technologists,
  • to contribute in research and development by applying new knowledge and innovation helping also in the development and progress of wood and furniture enterprises in the country.

according to: G.P. 1690/2.12.2006

  • to help in educating skilled technologists - designers and responsible individuals,
  • to continually provide state-of-the-art knowledge and a high level technological education,
  • to provide a human-oriented as well as o friendly-to-enviroment education and training,
  • to guarantee a student-oriented education and best possible training condition and training condition and friendly enviroment for the students,
  • to sustain continusly o link and interaction with the Greek wood and furniture markets, on behalf of the students,
  • to technologically support and scienticaly assist the wood and furniture enterprises in any possible way,
  • to actively invervine and interact with the society and people in important scientific, educational, enviromental and public-relating issues.





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